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    ***Please if you enjoy the theme take a minute out to rate it, thanks***.

    Arancio is an orange, black and white theme that is sure to please the eye, updated for 4.2.1 it is sure to theme most of your phone on any version 4.0 or up. This theme consists of thousands of custom images and will theme most all your system apps and various third party apps, also currently included is a launcher theme using appfilter to give all your icons a consistent appearance( this feature is applied through launcher settings in launchers such as ADW, Nova or Apex. It is not applied by the theme chooser theme being selected). I definitely appreciate anyone who chooses to support my work and hope you enjoy.

    Please take the time to read all the instructions for install before leaving comments.

    This theme is for xhdpi and hdpi devices only

    You must be rooted and be running a rom that has theme chooser like CM9/10, AOKP, TeamBaked, BAMF or any other rom with theme chooser.

    Importatnt if you dont know what any of the stuff above means please dont download this probably wont work for you

    Launcher themeing: this will theme Apex, Nova, ADW, and other launchers with custom icons.
    Wallpaper picker currently with 8 wallpapers
    Complete theme that includes most all system apps and various third party apps
    All of these will be expanded upon in time I work on this almost daily

    When applying the theme you may recieve a dialog stating this theme is missing assets for your device, this is OK, it is not an issue with the theme, apply theme anyway reboot and enjoy.

    Also when applying the theme both the market and systemui may force close, systemui will restart in a few seconds, neither of these will fc again it ONLY occurs when applying the theme.

    Install Instructions
    1. Install apk
    2. Go to theme chooser select system theme and reboot
    3. Go to theme chooser select Arancio and reboot
    4. Enjoy the theme

    I cant respond to market comments so if you are having any issues please feel free to email me or contact me via twitter.

    Thanks to haxzmatic for providing a source to work from when theme chooser first began with CM7, @nmiltner for helping me when my source broke, @Bboy, @stetsonaw, and @Dcomobile for various help along the way. Also thanks to the whole andoid community especially those who have helped me along this themeing path and anyone who has ever used/uses my work.

    ** I truly appreciate anyone who supports my work so thank you for downloading and if you like theme let me know by leaving good comments. Also I would like for everyone to be happy with there purchase so please any issues you have contact me and I will do what I can to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Again thank you for your support.**

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