Colorful Nebula Space Flight




    There are myriads of stars and they surround you in wonderful huge kaleidoscope.
    It’s not a fantastic movie; it far not a scientific experiment.
    It is real action and you are an acting part of it.

    Nebula space flight and you move upward with the colorful bright starts.
    There are myriads of them and they surround you in wonderful huge kaleidoscope.
    You don’t speed, don’t rush... your pace is slow and wavy - there is a whole eternity ahead of you now.

    The colors surrounding you in this space journey are just incredible.
    They are violet and golden and they create a striking futuristic picture that seems to be painted by a gifted genius of painter.
    You keep your eyes wide open and are full of unexpressed excitement in front of this mesmerizing view.

    * Update and optimizations, few minor to improve compatibility
    * Now supported Android 6.0 "Marshmallow", Android 7.0 / 7.1.1 "Nougat", Android 8.0
    * Realistic Quality HD Artwork, truly live 3D animation in HD Appearance
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