Colorful notes

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    Colorful Notes is a colorful live wallpaper that shows musical notes and signs (like those used to write and read music on a pentagram).
    Colored notes appears by touching the screen and goes away from your finger at variable speeds and angles.
    Furthermore you can activate a floating treble clef animation across the screen.
    This live wallpaper have many options that allow you to perfectly suit your tastes.
    Among others, the options are:
    -Size of musical notes.
    -Maximum number of notes on the screen at once.
    -Time of the notes to be displayed on the screen.
    -Type of background (can be any color you want, including various types of degraded or even a picture of the gallery).
    -Color of the treble clef animation (there is an option to use random colors)
    -Speed ​​of musical notes
    -Now also you can choose your preferred instrument and display it on your background (available: guitar, electric guitar, violin, drums, piano)
    If you play another instrument and you want to see it in future versions, please write us an email with your request.
    If you like this wallpaper do not forget to vote for us and give us some stars!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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