Combination Lock Screen




    Combination Safe Lock Screen is a custom screen lock application for Android Smart Phones and Tablets.

    Whether you are after increased security or simply a unique way of unlocking your device, Combination Lock Screen acts as a safe vault to give you an alternative way to secure your device with as many different pattern combinations, as complex or simple as you like.

    It also allows you to record lock screen patterns for apps, which allows you to access these apps from the lock screen safe vault without unlocking your device.

    -Quick Access Panel - View and access important items at a glance.
    -Record complex or simple lock patterns to be enforced on your screen lock safe vault.
    -Record and link a lock pattern to applications (gives easy access from lock screen safe vault)
    -Enable invisible passwords
    -Works with many different Home Launchers

    Please note:
    For Combination Lock to work correctly, you must disable the default Screen Lock option on your device (Settings > Location & Security > then disable Screen unlock)

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