Corsair Screen Keeper




    This is a lock screen app which uses the theme of Viking ship, welcome to download this free app and have some fun with your trip of Viking!

    Pirate ship theme
    Unlock to phone and SMS
    Monkey is the pirate
    Easy and simple to use
    Operating on android system

    Introduction of Corsair Screen Keeper
    Being a pirate is a dream to many people because of the movie Pirates of Caribbean. Are you one of these people? If so, this app can make part of your dream come true.
    You will have a Viking ship with this app in the locked screen, isn¡¯t it cool? Just image the monkey and the Viking ship is your cell phone protector, download this app now!

    Functions introduction

    This app is used to unlock screen, and it could open some certain programs if you used them in the locked screen.
    Drag down the lock image and you can unlock screen.
    Here are another two images, phone and SMS, drag them to unlock screen and open the dialer and text message box in your cell phone.
    What about fast unlock screen? it is also supported in this app, long press the search button and you can unlock screen quickly. And don't forget to check the function of shortcut key in the settings.

    Ringtone and vibration
    They are the minor functions for this app.
    If they were open, the cell phone would ring and vibrate when you release the lock.
    Otherwise, you can unlock screen in a silent mode.

    Full screen and status bar
    They are belongs to the lock screen settings.
    Full screen uses full screen as the lock screen and show a completed background.
    Status bar, it shows the notification bar on the locked screen background.

    Please give this app some support if you like it, thanks!

    - Notice
    This app is totally free.
    - The way to support
    Leaving 5 stars or a good comment
    Sharing with friends
    - Contact us if you have any problems or suggestions

    Piracy is classic an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. It can include acts committed on land, in the air, or in other major bodies of water or on a shore.