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    All Counter Strike single Handed Pistols with Real - like Animations and real recorded Sound effects. Not from the game, but of real weapons.
    * Touch the Pistols or Shake the phone to Animate weapon with Bullet Animation and real sound effects ( Though tapping too much fast will cause force close for some only)

    Five Pistols :-
    9*19MM SIDEARM -Glock -
    K&M .45 Tactical -USP 45
    228 Compact -228 Compact
    Night Hawk .50C - Desert Eagle
    E S Five- Seven -Five seven

    * Animations included :-
    * Gun Backward when fired
    * Bullet From the Weapon
    * Fire From the gun ,, when the trigger is Pulled

    # Complete description of each Pistol
    # Prices of each gun available as Info
    # Area of availablity shown

    This app is for those who like their Guns ( pistols ) with Animation of Gunfire and weapon backward when hold in hands.
    This is the only app to provide such animation.

    If you find any bugs or Need new features or Guns , you can contact me from below or from the app, Menu --> About ---> Tap on Text

    Its not a Soundboard, its the real deal. For Machine guns and others, get CS Guns Muzzle Flash

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