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    behold the cute mouse on your android screen. a mouse or mice is a small mammal belonging to the order of rodents, characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears and a long naked or almost hairless tail. get this funny rodents live wallpaper now the best known mouse species is the common house mouse mus musculus. it is also a popular pet. in some places, certain kinds of field mice are also common. this rodent is eaten by large birds such as hawks and eagles. they are known to invade homes for food and occasionally shelter and bit of cheese, they can fall into trap, maze and some can even unblock the entrapment. the american white footed mouse peromyscus leucopus and the deer mouse peromyscus maniculatus, as well as other common species of mouse-like rodents around the world, also sometimes live in houses. funny rodents live wallpaper. these, however, are in other general. mice like to escape and solve puzzle which are cute in a way. animal such as cats and wild dogs, foxes and birds of prey, snakes and even certain kinds of arthropods have been known to prey heavily upon mice. nevertheless, because of its remarkable adaptability to almost any environment, the mouse is one of the most successful mammalian genera living on earth today. magic mouse and mouse trap.

    mice can at times be vermin, damaging and eating crops, causing structural damage and spreading diseases through their parasites and feces. in north america, breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. retina wallpapers. primarily nocturnal animals, mice compensate for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing, and rely especially on their sense of smell to locate food and avoid predators. mice and rats are the most commonly used animals for laboratory tests. mice build intricate burrows in the wild. these burrows typically have long entrances and are equipped with escape tunnels/routes. there is some evidence from a new study that indicates that the architectural design of a burrow is a result of what is pre-written in a mouse's dna. mice are common experimental animals in biology and psychology primarily because they are mammals, and also because they share a high degree of homology with humans. they are the most commonly used mammalian model organism, more common than rats.

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