Have you had a hard, long or just exhausting day and need a ‘splosion of cute in your life? This app has one purpose, and that’s to bring fuzzy balls of cuteness to your device.

    With hundreds of pictures of cuddlerific cats and kittens, this app will raise your spirits, melt your heart and make you seek out and pet the nearest kitten or three. Presented as an unending slideshow, each photo has been handpicked for maximum “awww” factor.

    Cutesplosion instructions:
    1.) Open app.
    2.) Kittens!

    No Internet required! Because cute should be accessible anytime, anywhere.

    If you want to see the cat photographer, just hit the menu button! To set the kittens per minute ratio (very important, of course), just hit the menu button followed by the settings button! If you have the time check out the photographers click on their name to visit their Web site. They're pretty great.

    We do love us some cute cats. Small cats, big cats and in-betweens, from feral to house and pet cats. If only every cat could have their own cute wallpaper. Maybe some day. It's pretty late at night and no one's going to read this far, so why stop now? You know, enough to make an entire app out of it. While all fuzzballs are adorable and cute, the selection we chose are the creme de la creme of awwness. Be sure to check out the credits and look at the photographers. There's plenty more that we just couldn't fit in. Only do this if you have nothing to do. All day. Because there's at least twelve hours of cuteness in there. Nice, huh?

    Let's talk cute breeds. That app has both longhair and shorthair kittens, both types of which are pretty adorable of course. Persian cats? Oh, my, does this app have them. Maine Coons are definitely in it, too, in all their fuzzy fuzziness. Same thing with ragdoll cats, for that matter. We've got those lazy balls, too. Siamese have a bit more poise and aloofness than maine coons, but we wouldn't leave them out. Birmans? Naturally. Oriental and sphynx breeds are included as well. We've got all the kittens in one app! All the photographers have not endorsed this app.

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