DeadlineEye Widget

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    From the maker of Checkbook Genius! A widget for monitoring up to 8 upcoming events. The perfect companion for any calendar app! DeadlineEye tells you how many days remain until your events. Carry your countdowns wherever you are!

    Have a big trip coming up? Want to keep track of how much time until those final exams? How about those project milestones? Looking forward to an anniversary? Your next vacation or holiday? You can watch the number of days count down for all of these with DeadlineEye!

    Customize a variety of options including date formats (mm/dd/yy, yyyy-mm-dd,, etc.), background colors (four in all), and font colors (15 in all). Has a built-in Help screen, too.

    Operation in English, Spanish and French! To change languages, press the menu button on your Android device, and choose "Language" to select a different language.