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    When dreams come true
    Each of us has our own desires and dreams. I want all of us to make.
    This gain education, go to the trainings, build a career, but eventually
    notice that the result is zero or worse, quite the opposite.
    Lubomir Bovanko psychologist says:
    There is a rule - any strong emotional images has a tendency to embodiment .. If one thinks about all the time (that do not want to) poverty, disease, failure, they in her brain runs the program realization (what is MOST afraid).
    Should learn to ask for what you want and believe in the possibility of dreams, and then the dream turned into target designation. And objectives should be specific, vymiryuvani, expressed in time, their implementation should depend on the person and always written down on paper.
    One should always remember - everything that a person can imagine in detail, it can be made by. Everything that surrounds us was first someone mriyeyu.
    The first step to dreams and to changes in your life is to change beliefs. Persuasion - it filters of perception. Then through actions that are constantly repeated should develop new successful habits. After successful people from unsuccessful distinguish habits.
    Persuasion - is a habit to some thoughts that constantly repeated
    Our dreams are expressed in actions and actions that are repeated turn into habits, and habits form our character and depends on the nature of man's fate.
    There is an extremely effective formula, Ask-Vir-Do-Vidpusty-getting.
    This advice stands true - a strong desire, but weak binding.
    This formula is valid if a person brings a gratitude for life for what it already has, not tormented by what he has not received.

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