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    Eva is a cute little girl, she has a carefree childhood.Eva has two innocent big eyes ,they are full of fantasy. Autumn has come, it's so cool, and her father made a swing for her in the tree . Eva is sitting on the swing,the wind blows her pigtails, her skirt and makes her smile. Occasionally the lovely flowers are falling down from the trees , Eva is in a daze. What is she thinking about?

    To sum up, this version will make the effect of Eva's swinging more realistic. Whether Eva keeps swinging and the variation of her mood relies on how the user interact with the wallpaper. Can you make Eva swing happily?

    Eva is the little heroine of our "Eva" series of live wallpaper, and we all love her! Wish you love her,too.

    1, Touching or flipping wallpaper boosts swing to a higher amplitude. User can keep boosting it up to the highest degree of amplification.
    2, Eva now has facial expressions and laughter, that changes according to the amplitude of the swing;
    3, The lovely flowers are falling down, 'fly with the sun' ;
    4, You can change the background pictures.
    5, You can customize the background images.

    We have always wanted to give you the best live wallpaper, and we ensure that each one is original designed. We believe that electronic products as the same as other products, are paid a hard effort, are worthy of respect. We respect your experience, do not play the ad. We try to offer the lowest price to you and give you a better product experience. Thank you for your support!

    Additional notes:
    *Download and install, and then select Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper -> Sunflower in deep Autumn

    The Eva swinging live wallpaper is used as with other live wallpapers, you can easily switch wallpaper on your phone's wallpaper setup page .

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