EVANGELION Communication Tools

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    To all EVANGELION fans!
    An official EVANGELION portal application is now available!
    It comes as an application package, containing a set of 10 applications, that allows you to perfectly reproduce the view of the world according to EVANGELION!

    【wallpaper】【icon】【battery widget】【clock widget】
    With these you can make your Smartphone be completely based on EVANGELION!

    【EVA News Widget】
    Latest news related to EVANGELION delivered automatically!
    (Japanese only. Release schedule in the end of July. )

    【EVA Twit(Twitter # (hashtag) reader)】
    With the special EVA hashtag reader, you can collect and read lots of tweets about EVANGELION!

    【EVA ID( Application for exchanging contact details)】
    Create your own ID card and then try exchanging it! For each ID card you will be assigned your very own NERV employee ID number (or a junior high school student card number or a Tokyo-3 certificate of residence number). And we are also preparing special ID downloads for main characters from real events!

    【EVA Selection(List of EVANGELION applications)】
    With just one tap, you can see a list of all EVANGELION applications for the Android! With this you will not need to look around for them in the Android Market!

    【EVA Sound(Setting ringtones)】 And of course, ringing alerts for e-mails and phone calls can also be based on EVANGELION! 【EVA STORE(Shortcut to EVA STORE)】 Go to the EVA STORE in one tap! Enjoy some easy shopping!

    We are planning to keep moving forward and give you periodic updates in the future! The EVANGELION Communication Tools intend to make great efforts to become a great new set of tools that will allow you to have fun connecting and communicating with other EVANGELION fans.

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