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    A lot of fart sounds on this app sound board. Each button reacts realistically and the high quality sounds are all professionally recorded and tuned.

    Use our farting app to make funny cool jokes and create hilarious situations with your friend or family:
    • Press fart button to make jokes by generating cool fart sounds.
    • Are you bored press one fart button, and farting fun will happened.
    • Use farting app in elevator to make fake fart sound that people around you believe you are farting – make it fun.
    • Do you want to become quite scatological in the middle of a party – just press farting buttons and be star?
    • With our farting app and fart sounds you will be the laugh-master in your friend’s group or ifart man!
    • The next time you join your mates, try farting app fart sound board at your school, library, job, church or wherever you can imagine.
    • We guarantee this farting sound app have best fart sound.
    • In our farting board you’ll find best 8 fart sounds.
    • No one have such fun farting sounds board as our app.
    • We can say: fart, fart, fart, fart, cool fart… it’s like Mozart or Beethoven music sound board.
    • You can use farting sound board as whoopee
    • Use farting sound carefully that no one seas you.
    • Use it as fart minigun or whoopee and have no shame and no smell.
    • Use fart soundboard in elevator without shame and smell
    • For same people whoopee farting sound like Mozart and Beethoven music
    • Ifart fun for family, you can use it with tomcat app it repeat fart soundboard sounds.

    Fact about farting and fart sound board:
    Farting or fart is a process when intestinal discharges the gas because of the flatulence. Probably every one of us experienced fart or farting the hard way what it means. When we are alone we are not trying to stop the way for the fart or farting gas which wants to get out. But in public usually there is a shame to fart. When the farting gas accidentally goes out there most of the times the fart has a desire to put the sunglasses and to become invisible or to blame as a fart someone else. The main two disadvantages farting causes. Also as fake fart sounds or fart you can use this electronic whoopee, it will help you shame friend as many time as you want.

    First of all farting or fart makes the whether became as stinky as garbage. When the gas comes out it mixes with the weather and it becomes smelly for some time. Especially it is bad smell if the fart is made in the room. The smaller it is the worse smell it is possible to feel. It smells not really good and sometimes even it causes the desire for everyone to escape from the room where a fart ‘relaxed his farting bottom’.

    Secondly farting or fart sound causes some unpleasant noise which can be sometimes equated to a sound made by grenade, minigun, rifle, pistol, shot, ifart, weapon, firearm or even a roar of a tomcat or a yelling of a huge tomcat. It is said that somebody can fart that loudly and for a long time that it created the soundboard that reminds the symphony of Mozart, Beethoven or other compositors. Sound of a fart or farting can be called a traitor it helps to find out the person who farted.
    It is said that women do not fart as often as men do and not that smelly. Usually women are trying hard to stop the gas and not make farting in public. The strength of the fart smell and a noise of a farting sound depend of a person who is farting. Some of them farts as quietly that you can hear even the tinnitus or as loudly fart that you can wake up from sleep.

    When there is a talk about the farting the question arises: Is the farting a continental problem or a natural shame process? The subject is not a person who farts but the sound made. Most of the people would answer that Farting it is just normal process as whoopee. Actually it is an opportunity to use some anesthetic from farting (fart sound) but it is already against nature. Farting disadvantages are less important that the advantages it do not hurt anybody.

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