Fast Burst Camera2(Android2.3)

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    Continuous photo shoot at 20 frames per second is possible.
    (Size of pictures that you take will affect the number of continuous shooting)
    Doing the shooting you burst from Widget is possible.
    You can insert a photo handwriting.
    Since high-speed continuous shooting is possible, you will not miss a photo opportunity you.
    You can be infinitely continuous burst shooting.

    The difference between other similar apps

    High-speed burst shooting
    You can be synthesized handwritten pictures.
    You can be reproduced as a video image.
    You can select the best shot of the video during playback.
    It is possible to send the best shot.
    You can send the image Facebook, on Twitter.
    You can make an animated GIF
    High-speed continuous shooting is possible from the widget.
    Continuous shooting is possible from Live wallpaper .
    Can be combined into one sheet continuous shooting pictures.
    Your camera can be used as vertical and horizontal.
    Comes with live wallpaper feature.

    Check the best golf swing.
    Best to check the batting swing.
    Suitable for taking pictures of sports.
    Suitable for taking pictures of children.
    Suitable for taking pictures of pets.

    Consecutive photography is possible at high speed.
    Spy photography is possible.
    Photography of the frame rate same as a video
    High-speed consecutive photography using Widget is possible.
    I can insert a hand-written character in a photography.
    I cannot miss a shutter chance.
    Consecutive photography is possible until they reach the limit that java heap memory permits.

    The differences in comparison with other application are as follows.
    I can photograph 20 frames at one second If I use a high-performance mobile phone.
    I can choose any photograph among a consecutive frame.
    The photograph which I chose can perform various effect processing.
    Macro-photography is possible.
    The adjustment of the white balance is possible.
    The setting of the photography scene is possible.
    I can put a vignette on a photography.
    I can set the preview screen of the camera as wall paper.
    I convert a consecutive photograph into an animation and can make a playback.
    I can send the best shot to twitter,facebook and mail.
    I can convert consecutive photography data into a GIF animation.
    I unite all the consecutive photography data and can process it into an film split.
    ★Caution and warning ★
    To antisocial behavior such as voyeur can not be used.
    Be used for crime can not be.
    To loss of profits is not responsible.
    Shall not be liable for lost profits or the possibility of crime.
    In other words, we have developed to be used for photographing children, pets, and landscapes. .
    Please use at your own risk. Please observe the laws of the country to use this application also.

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