Fingerprint Lock Screen




    The research shows that everyone has different fingerprint from others, even twins are different. So, fingerprint is used to protect our personal property.

    As time goes on, mobile phone plays a very important role in our life. We need them everywhere and any time. Maybe fingerprint is the best option to protect our personal information in our mobile phones.

    Fingerprint Lock Screen was born for this purpose. You can use it according to the following features.

    ? Scanning sound and vibration can be set in the main interface of Fingerprint Lock Screen.
    ? The release condition needs to be read carefully. And you can set the specific number as the release condition.
    ? It will vibrate when you have done the right times of fingerprint. It is a unlock hint.
    ? You can turn on or off this app in the top of the main interface.

    Everyone¡¯s fingerprint can unlock the screen. But you can set like 3 times fingerprint or more. Only you know the times and then nobody can unlock the screen.

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