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    feel and watch the flying fireflies in the forest during night right on your android home screen. fireflies forest night is a firefly wallpaper live featuring an a charming flying fireflies in the forest at night, ready to light up your night. it is logical after-all, fireflies are so lovely, that they had to be the symbol of some kind. well, their meaning if, of course, light, illumination and the like. but this creature stays pretty mysterious. the reason is that it doesn’t look very attractive or very different that any other insect. but it’s only during the day. because at night, it’s when all its symbolic meaning is evident. get this live background fireflies.

    the amazing thing about this symbol is that the firefly can represent an exceptional human being. why because the firefly is shining from the inside out especially in summer glows, just like if it was liberating its interior beauty. same thing with human beings. external beauty is nothing without internal beauty that can make a person shine. it also has different meanings, for instance consider the concept of inspiration. we sometimes say that a light bulb suddenly turned on when we have a brilliant idea. i believe fireflies symbolize inspiration of the imagination. what about the symbol of hope. it is a beautiful symbol. hope is like a strand of light when someone feels like there is no issue and feels in the complete darkness. then a strand of light appears, and we come back to life, and begin to hope again. guidance is also one of the symbols that firefly live wallpaper represent. the natural instinct of a being is to follow the light instead of getting lost in the night.

    and it’s true that when you’re walking in the night and you suddenly see a firefly, your natural reflex is to follow it, because it is fascinating, and because it looks like it’s guiding us towards the right path. last but not least, fairfly represent energy. natural energy, and economic energy. they are producing 100 % of energy, or light, with their own body and no heat, as opposed to light bulbs that are producing 10 % of light and 90 % of heat. but it also has the meaning of economy and efficiency because they use their environment in order to be as effective as possible and in order to gain their energy. retina wallpapers. fireflies are fascinating little creatures. the firefly forest is in symbolism from around the world & throughout the ages. we can find them everywhere we look throughout all parts of the world.

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