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    For lovers of the alphabet or, why not, for those who are starting to learn it. You will see beautiful flying letters with a lot of colors, high quality backgrounds and so on.

    The new live wallpaper Flying letters will allow you to give more movement to the screen of your phone by moving letters of different shapes and dimensions that interact to the touch.

    What others say:
    "Flying Letters Live Wallpaper is a surprisingly beautiful LWP Android App" -

    ★ Scrollable backgrounds
    ★ Clicking on letter you will create new letters on your screen

    Wallpaper settings:
    ★ You can set the dimension of letters.
    ★ You can set your background image or set no background( 6 high quality backgrounds available)
    ★ You can customize frame rate of your screen to save battery.
    ★ You can change the letters moving speed.

    Hope you will enjoy it. Thanks.

    This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. Please contact us if your device is not supported.

    Installation instructions:
    ✔ Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
    ✔ Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and do the Wallpaper setup.

    This app will add a few search access points on your device. If you do not want to use this new search page, you can either ignore it or delete it. If you do use it, we get a few cents and it will help us a lot to keep developing more apps. If you don’t, you can delete it and no harm is done (our app remains the same, no need to uninstall it!). Thank you.

    A letter is a grapheme in an alphabetic system of writing, such as the Greek alphabet and its descendants. Letters compose phonemes and each phoneme represents a phone (sound) in the spoken form of the language.

    "Letter," borrowed from Old French lettre, entered Middle English around AD 1200, eventually displacing the native English term bocstaf (i.e. bookstaff). Letter derives ultimately from Latin littera, itself of unknown origin. The Middle English plural lettres could refer to an epistle or written document, reflecting the use of the Latin plural litteræ. Use of the singular letter to refer to a written document emerges in the 14th century.

    As symbols that denote segmental speech, letters are associated with phonetics. In a purely phonemic alphabet, a single phoneme is denoted by a single letter, but in history and practice letters often denote more than one phoneme. A pair of letters designating a single phoneme is called a digraph. Examples of digraphs in English include "ch", "sh" and "th". A phoneme can also be represented by three letters, called a trigraph. An example is the combination "sch" in German.

    The first consonantal alphabet found has emerged around 2000 BCE to represent the language of Semitic workers in Egypt (see Middle Bronze Age alphabets), and was derived from the alphabetic principles of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Nearly all alphabets in the world today either descend directly from this development or were inspired by its design.


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