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    Formula One - F1 - is the most exciting, most challenging, most skillful motor racing series in the world. The Formula 1 Grand Prix series is the gold standard for drivers, the ultimate prize in auto sports, and one of the most popular spectator sports on the planet.

    With this Formula 1 news and wallpaper app - which contains NO PUSH ADS - you will never miss a minute of the action. The news is updated constantly without interrupting you with the constant need to open an app to check... it just delivers headlines right to your home screen! Then YOU decide whether you want to read them or not. Just double tap the headline to go right to the story.

    Since this app is designed for vertical use, the photos have black bars above and below. We don't believe in up-sampling images - they look terrible. Also, we've tried to use images that are interesting and a little different. Some close-ups and so on that hopefully give a slightly different perspective on F1 racing in general.

    So whether you're a Red Bull Racing freak, a Mercedes man, a Ferrari girl or a good old traditional McLaren or Lotus fan, you'll find something in this Formula One app to enjoy.

    Recent interviews have included Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Webber, Raikkonen and many more.

    You know what? Building these apps makes us feel old sometimes... I shook Nigel Mansell's hand at the British GP at Brands Hatch in 1986, the year of the epic duel with Nelson Piquet. I even test drove one of the Ferraris at his dealership once. I think there may have been a certain Rosberg in that race too... I should look that up! (Yep, double-checked - Keke Rosberg DID start that race.)

    PLEASE NOTE - This app is not endorsed by and does not represent Formula One.

    Copyright-holders. We strive to be a legitimate organization. We use Google as our search engine, and we search all images under the following parameters: Advanced Search, Usage Rights, Free To Use Or Share Even Commercially, or on Flickr under Advanced Search - Creative Commons License.

    We figure that is the best way to protect copyright holders.

    However, we understand that mistakes can be made. In particular, someone may be redistributing a copyrighted work without the holder’s knowledge, and labeling it as free to use. Sometimes we think there is some latitude with Fair Use, but we tend to err on the side of caution. For example, we understand that screen shots of games and most photos with a Creative Commons license are usually considered Fair Use when used in news reporting, and we use them in conjunction with news delivery. (Which is why we don't make pure wallpaper apps, for example.)

    However, if you find an image in one of our apps that you have a claim to or which you object to, PLEASE, get in touch and we will remove it immediately. The App Monkey is a copyright holder many times over and does not condone, or knowingly engage in, illegal usage of images.

    Our commitment here is very serious – it’s one of the reasons we build all of our apps using feeds rather than built-in images. We can be very responsive, very quickly. Even though we are in Sweden we're genuinely committed to copyright holders' rights, so please let us know if we are treading on private property!

    Ads: Please note that our apps do NOT contain push ads, icon ads, audio ads, or those awful ads that try and make you call a phone number. We need ads to survive if our apps are to stay free, but we believe that they can be discreet and not too intrusive. Hopefully the limited ads in this Formula 1 app will not be annoying.

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