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    Free Ringtone Music
    Now let's set the free ring music on your mobile phone!
    More than 60 ringtones offered you without charging you a penny!
    You must have download some beautiful music on your SD card from popular music websites, such as YouTube, soribada, Grammy or torrent sites... Set the music file on your SD card as your ring now. You can set them to wake you up, or when someone contact you hear the music or notify you you have low powers in battery or others.What to set most lovely or special music ringtones? Watching the following words, It will be the best choices!
    Great Features:
    1.Free ring offer and tone setting app for all people.
    2.Show you a recommended list in the opening page. All the ring in home page are popular and common used.
    3.Buttons on the top of home page help you manage the ringtone app easily.
    4.Set the alarm, call and notification ringtone at one app.
    5.You can select ring from the system list we offered you. In the system, there are over 60 ringtones and they are classified to six parts.
    6.You can choose ring file from your SD card. All music you download from internet can be set as your ringtone.
    7.After choosing the ring, you can set the size of all ring. You can also search the accurate size with numbers by pressing the square in setting page.
    8.Have any questions? You can tell me with about button. Please do not forget give me five stars after using it. Thanks for your support!

    Now download this free ringtone music app. It is useful for android mobile users! More than 60 system ringtone and can set the SD music file as ringtone! Move your heart? Go now!

    A ringing signal operates bells or other ringtone generators in a telephone, to alert the user there is an incoming telephone call.

    In landline telephones, bells or ringtones were rung by impressing a 60 to 105-volt RMS 20-Hertz sine wave across the tip and the ring conductors of the subscriber line, in series with the (typically) -48VDC loop supplies. This signal was produced by a ringing generator at the central office. Many 20th-century multi-party lines used ring frequencies other than 20 Hz for selective ringing of some parties.

    Once the subscriber line was called, a relay on the subscriber line card connects the ringing generator to the subscriber line. The exchanges also send a ringback tone to the calling party. When the called party answers by taking the telephone handset off the switchhook, the subscriber's telephone drawd direct current from central office battery. That current was sensed by the line cards and the ringing relay was de-energized.

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