Full Moon Scary Flying Bats 3D

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    Magic Halloween night. Flying bats on the full moon. Do you shiver already?
    With a full moon background, the bats fly in a loop pattern towards you.

    They seem to bump into you the next moment but they sway and disappear.
    Leaving the feeling of their soft wings on your chick skin.

    The huge glowing moon ball covers all the sky and adds the enchantment feeling to the Halloween night spirit.

    The reflections of bats’ wings on the moon disk make an enigmatic pattern and look amazingly enigmatic.
    You can only try to guess what will happen this magic night and what miracles you can await for from Halloween.

    Remember the days of your childhood and the scary feelings you had this day.
    Do you shiver already?

    * Now supported Android 8+ / 9+
    * Realistic Quality HD Artwork, truly live 3D animation in Full HD appearance.
    * Updates and optimizations to improve compatibility
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