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    I'm THE most popular puss on the planet -- further ahead in the popularity contest than any ordinary cat. In fact, I've been a fab fave of the Queen Victoria of England -- Buckingham is truly the purrfect sized home for me...

    Not that I'm English by ancestry, I was just established as THE standard of 'catness' by which has the distinction of being the first true breed. My original home was Khorana of Persia (modern Iran). It was there that my long silken fur was noticed and appreciated for my sweetness, gentlest devotion and great house manners. Mostly, I know when to keep quiet, because I know you wish to be the one that loves to talk. I am devoted to my most favorite human companions. The only time that I'm miserable is when I'm outside in the elements too long and my hair ends up natty and unkempt -- beware -- cuz the term sourpuss quickly comes to mind.

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