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    "Garyi delivery free whopping search widget Lots of cute
    The search function of course , a useful feature that is indispensable to life with a clock, battery mirror weather camera Gallery News is full

    [Features of Girly style widget ]
    Introducing how to use the search widget of multi featured a clock, battery - weather capability
    The size of the widget is you can choose from three types of 1 × 1 and 4 × 1 and 4 × 2
    Widget 4 × 2 sizes rich what can be changed 6 type design further
    Setting screen is displayed when you tap the Settings button in the upper right widget .
    To change the design with just a tap your favorite design from the design change screen
    ※ only search function , design changes can not be widget 4 × 1,1 × 1 size .

    search function
    web search immediately !
    Simple web search search method two of speech input and text input tap the search widget that was placed on the screen !
    Search widget of small size also features
    Can select the size of the search widget of your choice to suit your home screen
    battery function
    energy-saving mode
    I will adjust the spacing of the term to get the weather information
    Battery lasts a long time longer interval is long
    clock function
    Check time in digital clock analog clock
    Notice the hours, minutes , month, day , hour, day of the week to the widget you have installed
    change a 12-hour / 24 -hour clock is also possible
    weather feature
    Check the weather and temperature of today and tomorrow
    Through the automatic acquisition of the position information terminal , You can check the weather of the current position
    Change the display / non- display also possible weather
    the setting of the ON / OFF can be the weather information to be displayed in the widget
    It is most suitable even if I take it to save battery
    camera function
    the camera starts when you tap the camera button on the widget installed
    Let the holding now good time
    Gallery feature
    galleries of the terminal starts when you tap the button on the frame widget installed
    Check now photos taken
    mirror function
    the inner camera of the terminal starts when you tap the button on the mirror widget installed
    It is very useful in such a case """" ~ grooming worried about a little """" , it can be checked right now
    ※ It is available only for terminal inner camera is mounted .Check the
    cute wallpaper
    A transition to recommend site when you tap the button at the right end of the widget installed
    Types varied Download wallpaper because it updated from time to time here I want wallpaper Live Wallpaper
    Let be a cute smartphone than anyone else in the custom wallpaper of their favorite
    news feature
    The delivery free information apps and app deals
    I would be able to check at-a-glance information and updates information on the application to be worried about ! Free item of the topic also check here

    Compatible models · OS ]
    Android2.1 or more corresponding
    [How to use inquiry and requests from here ]
    Opinion demand from customers ,
    Report on forced termination , such as bug - bug display will be reflected as a valuable opinions of application improvement !
    ※ feedback may not be to your opinion request in a review column , sufficient support work will be very difficult to customers. But very sorry to trouble ,
    Please send it willingly to the following URL.
    Contact Girly style of widget here
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