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    Fill your phone screen with glistening gold colors of 'Goldfish Live Wallpaper' and enjoy watching different pictures of this magical fish in aquariums or fish tanks. Make a wish and download 'Goldfish Live Wallpaper' - it may come true!
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    Goldfish is an ornamental freshwater fish that has been around for more than 1000 years and are the most common fish that are kept as pets today. It was one of the first fish species to be kept in ponds by humans. It hails from a wild carp, probably the Crucian Carp, but has been bred selectively for centuries in China. It is still a very popular fish in aquariums as well as in ponds and can today be obtained in a wide range of different variations. The common variations include The Comet, Shubunkin, Black Moor and other. You can enjoy watching these beautiful fish types on your screen by using 'Goldfish Live Wallpaper'.
    Goldfish is still a popular pond fish, but some of the more vulnerable variations need to be kept in aquariums. If you want a robust pond fish, the Shubunkin is one possibility. It was developed by Japanese fish breeders that wanted to create a brightly colored one that still had the physical strength and survival skills of the common fish. It is the result of selective crossings between Comet and Calico Fantail type.
    Many of them are imported in very cold water, in crowded conditions, making them very susceptible to disease. Shubunkins make a better choice than common, as they receive better treatment in shipping and are not as 'over bred' (and of course Ryukins and Orandas are great choices when it comes to their beauty).
    If you decide to keep this pet you should know that it should be kept in a "fish tank" and not a bowl and it needs to be filtrated, lighted and heated regularly.

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