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    Have you ever been sick & tired from something inside you? Or felt guilty because some habit that cannot stop? Or want to improve some good thing inside you?

    If so, your are in the right place and the right time! Try HabiterLite! Simply HabiterLite helps you to break your bad habits and improve your good habits!

    Simple idea, simple tool! The only efficient way to improve your habits is to visualize them first! Then Do it by HabiterLite in 3 steps:
    Step 1. Watch your habits
    Step 2: Watch habits' dynamics
    Step 3: Try to improve and watch them again!

    Difficult?! Not at all! by HabitterLite!

    HabiterLite has several best practices on interesting categories such as: Bad Marital Habits, Bad Work Habits, Bad Eating Habits, Bad Parental Habits, etc. which are already added as default categories for you.

    But if still you need to have more, you try "Habiter" application to be able to have unlimited categories.

    Being user-friendly, Being designed as a state of art gracefully, Utilizing graph technology, Using color codes, Showing informative messages, Adding customized contents, Considering privacy and more are additional gifted values to you by HabiterLite. Enjoy them!

    Following are out-standing features in HabiterLite:
    - Accumulative history management daily basis for each habit
    - Visualizing dynamics of habits' changes for one week
    - Tracking several categories at the same time
    - Using simple but power-full line chart technology
    - Using color codes

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