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    Handles is a convenient launcher utility for apps, websites, files, and more through a personalized set of transparent sliding drawers, which you open and close by their handles (the reason behind the app's name). Open a drawer and launch an app, website, or document with a quick tap, and easily manage drawers and entries through the provided configuration options, without hiding the current content on your device's screen.

    * Lightweight see-thru app screens
    * User-friendly touch operation
    * Supports both phones and tablets
    (Android 2.1 thru 4.x)
    * Works in Portrait or Landscape mode
    * Optimized layouts for tablets
    * 6 default customizable main drawers
    * Add, Rename, Reorder, or Remove main drawers
    * Add App Launchers in any drawer
    * Add Website Links in any drawer
    * Copy Bookmarks to Website Links
    * Copy Browser History to Website Links
    * Add Sub-Drawers in any drawer
    * Add File/Document launchers in any drawer
    * Add text notes (QuickNotes) in any drawer
    * Remove entries from any drawer
    * Cut/Copy/Paste entries between drawers
    * Reorder entries in any drawer
    * Export/Import drawer configuration
    * Help screen with full instructions

    Default Drawers:
    * Home & Personal
    * Media & Games
    * Work & Business
    * Tools & Utilities
    * Popular Sites
    * Suggested Apps

    Requested Permissions:

    Needed by export and import functionality
    to access SD Card

    Needed by "Add Web Link" functionality
    to retrieve Web Browser Bookmarks

    In case you need to reinstall the app later, use the "Export" command to save your drawer configuration to the SD Card. The exported data can be reloaded into the app using the "Import" operation.

    Note: "Handles" has the same functionality as the free "Handles Demo" app, except "Handles Demo" only allows two entries (apps, web links, sub-drawers, files, and notes) per drawer. This paid version has no such limitations.

    If you experience any issues installing or using one of our apps, please send us an email describing the problem in detail, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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