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    New BETA Feature: Super Duper does not have to be the "Default SMS App". For real...
    KitKat compatible - with Super Duper Messaging Manager (and your favorite snack! yes. we said it again...)

    *Hide text messages/SMS messages for 5 “Best Buds”
    *Hide call logs for 5 contacts
    *Block unwanted text messages/SMS and block calls
    *The ”Dopeman” has 3 pot theme icons to choose from
    *Change Status bar icon and descriptions
    *Requires a password to get in the app
    *Choose your own text message thread colors
    *It is a decoy app (“Dopeman”) that just chills out until needed
    *Sorry, no pot, marijuana, Mary Jane, dope or hash in this app
    *Change contacts/password/home screen shortcut anytime
    *Logs other people’s failed attempts to get into your “stash” app
    *Experience Rednote - add music and emotion to your text messages

    Keep your text messages and your call logs private. Block text messages and calls from anyone.. seriously. Secure your text messages from everyone with a cool, password protected decoy app. It's the bomb. A cool text messaging app with a cool theme... the rest is up to you.

    (A brownie sounds good right now… brb.)

    Back now. Hide texts messages for 5 contacts safely with a password protected decoy “Dopeman” app Once you download this app it will place a “420” icon in your app drawer as a decoy app called (“Dopeman”). The app appears to have errors to anyone else that looks at it. Text from selected contacts will be placed in this app only and will not be in your “regular” text messages. Your hidden texts messages are completely separate and secure just incase you are really paranoid. When the text message comes in, you will get a notification that says, “Subscription notice,” which goes with the theme. Only you will know it’s a notification for a new text message.

    You can switch contacts when needed. Don’t worry - once the contact is removed it will not put prior hidden text messages in your “regular” text messaging box. Does not transfer existing text messages – the two areas are completely separate! Does not support MMS…

    The hide call log feature allows you to add the contact and all incoming, outgoing and missed calls will be deleted from your regular call logs. You must place the outgoing call from inside the app and you have the choice of saving your call logs inside the app!!!

    The Block text messaging feature will allow you to block incoming text messages. You have the option to save the blocked text messages so you can read them after you “unblock” the contact. You can still send text messages to the contact while they are blocked. We have added the “Call Blocker” feature for that contact that is really a pain. We also give you the option to save the call log for these blocked calls.

    This is not a real “Dopeman” application! It is a decoy pot, marijuana, Mary Jane, dope or hash application that hides your text messages with password protection.

    Aggregated device data, including location, is measured for the purposes of market research by Placed, Inc.

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    *Hide SMS messages / block SMS messages from 5 contacts
    *Hide incoming/outgoing phone call logs for 5 contacts
    *Select from your contact list or put in other contacts
    *Choose your own SMS color theme
    *Three “smoking” icon options to put on your home screen
    *Change Status bar notifications and descriptions
    *Block unwanted text messages from a contact
    *Block Calls from a contact
    *Ability to customize your notifications
    *Looks like a pot app that requires a subscription password
    *Logs failed attempts to get into the app, just in case you were wondering
    *Displays in your “Applications” list as “Dopeman”
    *Experience Rednote - add music and emotion to your text messages

    (Disclaimer: This is a “theme” not an endorsement. It is for contact privacy and entertainment purposes only.)

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    shandra tubagus

    by shandra tubagus

    May 17, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Like it

    Har Vil

    by Har Vil

    Feb 02, 2016  |  "Good"

    Good application

    Woodkill Bangaz

    by Woodkill Bangaz

    Dec 01, 2015  |  "Good"

    Great theme ....could be better but hey...

    Amy Martin

    by Amy Martin

    Sep 23, 2015  |  "Awesome"


    Karnetta Knighten

    by Karnetta Knighten

    Nov 08, 2014  |  "Awesome"


    deepak jain

    by deepak jain

    Sep 28, 2014  |  "Awesome"