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    We are all familiar with home screen widgets; it’s one of the features that separate Android from other mobile operating systems. So, what's new with this version? With Android 4.2, you now have the ability to present multiple panels on your lock screen, much like what you have on the home screen.

    Adding widgets to the lock screen is the latest feature introduced by Google with the 4.2 operating system, and with HomeBase we’ve made it available for you using Android OS 2.2 and up. HomeBase has taken this feature to the next level with widgets, content features and customization presented directly on your lock screen.
    How to use HomeBase:


    You can slide the unlock button to unlock the screen or to unlock directly to your camera.


    On the right side of the default lock screen you will find a blank screen with a big plus sign on it. This is where the real fun begins and you can start adding your lock screen widgets and content.

    After clicking the + icon, you'll be sent to the settings screen.
    From that screen you can choose to enable widget screens, RSS screen, and a few pre –made screens such as notifications (SMS, Missed Calls), Weather and more.

    From the widget screens you can add any widgets you want to present on your device. This is another big plus over the 4.2 original lock screen, which only offers 5 stock widgets to choose from.

    Simply click the “add widget” icon on the widget screen and select a widget from the list. All of the widgets look and function exactly like they would on your home screen.

    RSS screen – choose from a wide variety of RSS feeds available, or add your own favorite source. Updates will show directly on your lock screen.

    Once you have a few widgets added to your lock screen, you can long press on the widget to rearrange them or remove the widget completely.

    In order to prevent your friends from messing around with your design, you'll need to enter your pin/pattern to add or remove any widgets.

    HomeBase can be fully personalized with your photos and sounds, so no more boring generic lock screens - from now on your lock screen is personal to reflect who you really are.
    You can customize the background, unlock icon and unlock sound - upload your own and use the gallery, to create a combination that is creative and cool.
    Click the share icon to share your lock screen design with your family and friends, through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or any other media.

    HomeBase lock screen supports all devices.

    All permissions requested by the app are strictly to allow better functionality and support some of the features. We respect your privacy and will not use permissions to collect any of your personal data.

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