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    Love…no words and no feelings. In Him there is both, but it is only part of Love is not Love.
    Love it like a fire, a fire that must be maintained, and that the work of two. And if you forget about it or did not know sooner or later will be Love.
    Love…This work is a set of actions that people make every day, for those who love in order to make them pleasant.
    Love…This is a decision that a person takes once and for all. Decision to be always there to support, care for, protect and help, regardless of the fact that can happen with this man throughout life (old age, disability and so on).
    Love it or is or it is not. And any person that says I love you at the beginning, and then love was he a liar. He never loved. And this man just buff wrappers. He looks at the form and in love with the body, but when the form is changed and the wrapper is not so bright and loses its shine, he says, "Love has passed." And looking for a different wrapper. But eventually marry (marry) on their bodies and have to live with a soul.
    LOVE - give a clear definition nobody can. We just fall in love and live in this sense at least a day. And each describe different senses. This bright sun, a stream of positive energy, the calm and confidence is a massive force of joy, this lightness, this field of soul and a terrible dependence on other people to see it anymore, its more to hear and be with him!

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