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    I present to lady widgets girly tastes you are also combines practicality clock, battery - search feature has become one , I want to continue to use forever
    Just one-tap the widget , attractive and easy operation that she can change into a favorite design
    Here's an in three different sizes to suit your home screen widget
    The transformation in style season to incorporate also the smartphone girly stylish
    In addition , live wallpaper super cute it exciting is good even in the widget also smartphone what if now also come with
    you and transforms the home screen right now Now , Let a monopoly on the topic of everyone

    [Features 彡of Invitation search widget pack with live wallpaper ]
    [ Search ] widget
    Check the time in analog / digital clock
    Notice the hours, minutes , month, day , hour, day of the week to the widget you have installed

    Check the battery level at any time
    Notice the battery level at any time in the battery widget that was placed on the screen

    battery savings off the details
    The configurable features that affect the battery consumption , etc. , and the brightness setting of the Wi-Fi · Bluetooth · automatic screen rotation and screen !
    that I last a long time - and do you Moxa battery of smartphone by being set to OFF details the function point of saving the battery is not in use
    ※ There is a model that can not be available in some terminal

    I try to change the design of the widget
    The transition to the setting screen with one tap widget
    The gorgeous to the smartphone to choose from setting screen design of your choice
    The lady trying to select to select either of two types ?

    web search immediately
    The simple web search by tapping the search widget that was placed on the screen
    you would quickly find the topic to be worried about the two types of voice search and text search

    size of widget three
    · 4 × 2 size
    · 4 × 1 size
    · 1 × 1 size
    ※ widget function 4 × 1 size, 1 × 1 size becomes the only search function .
    In addition , the design of the widget will be only one type .

    [ Live Wallpaper ]
    icon set of buttons It is displayed in the home screen, double tap to set up a live wallpaper
    Let's transition to the setting screen by tapping the button

    I try to do the of ON / OFF of the action from the configuration screen

    wallpaper change wallpaper to suit your mood can be changed from two

    something happens to be tracing the screen ... ?
    [Setting method]
    [ Widget ]
    Select this app from the tap 3. 1 widget list . Home screen Press and hold 2. "Widgets"

    [ Live Wallpaper ]
    Tap the selection " to our application from the tap 3. Live Wallpaper list " Live Wallpaper " 1 . Home screen Press and hold 2.
    Compatible models · OS ]
    Android2.1 or more corresponding
    Purpose of permission ]
    • Do not worry , such as customer data and your specific individual that I do not get this app.
    [How to use inquiry and requests from here ]
    Opinion demand from customers ,
    Report on forced termination , such as bug - bug display will be reflected as a valuable opinions of application improvement !
    ※ feedback may not be to your opinion request in a review column , sufficient support work to large customers

    Will be difficult to change . But very sorry to trouble ,
    Please send it willingly to the following URL.
    inquiry Invitation search widget pack with live wallpaper is here
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