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    This is a beautiful high quality animated live wallpaper of Goddess Maa Kali. It features Kali Mata and her statue in the background with shower of animated leaves and flowers, just touch them on the screen to transform them into Diyas and Mundi.

    Maa Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti. Maa Kali is also known as Kalika. Goddess Kali is related with eternal energy. In Hinduism Goddess Kali is assumed as most aggressive among all goddesses. The word Kali is taken from the Sanskrit word "Kaal", which means time. And nothing escapes from time. Goddess Kali is sometimes referred as the goddess of death. But actually Kali brings the death of the ego. Kali is considered a form of mother too Hence, Kali is considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, She is assumed as figure of her eradication.

    Kali is represented as the consort of Lord Shiva, on whose body she is often seen standing. She is associated with many other Hindu goddesses like Durga, Bhadrakali, Sati, Rudrani, Parvati and Chamunda.

    Kali is strongly associated with Shiva, Lord of death (Kal). Maa Kali is like God Shiva because both of them are the destroyers of evil forces. Goddess Kali has four arms and hands depicting her immense strength. In two of her hands, she holds a sword and a fresh severed head, representing a great battle in which she defeated the demon Raktabija. The other two hands are there to bless her true devotees, suggesting that they will be saved as she will guide them here and in the hereafter.

    Kali wears a garland made of 52 skulls and a skirt made of dismembered arms because the ego comes out of identification with the body. It suggests that physical body is false and spirit is the only reality. Her black or sometimes dark blue skin represents the womb of the unmanifest from which all of creation is born and into which all of creation will ultimately return.

    Goddess Kali is seen standing with her one feet on Lord Shiva who is pure formless awareness Sat-Chit-Ananda (being-consciousness-bliss) while Kali represents "form" eternally sustained by the underpinning of pure awareness


    1. High quality live wallpaper.

    2. You can hide or unhide moving items, only background will be visible.

    3. You can interact with moving items just touch to interact with them.

    4. You can choose direction of moving items.

    5. You can select speed of moving items.

    6. You can enable or disable interaction with moving items.

    7. You can also enable or disable hit counter in the background.

    8. You can change the frame rate of moving items to make them move smoothly on the screen.

    9. Very light optimized to save battery life.

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