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    JB Extreme Theme CM12 CM13

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    • Custom, Original Design
    • Custom Wallpaper
    • 7,600 Custom Images!!
    • 1,265 HD 192x192 App Icons
    • 50 Packages Themed

    This theme started with Jelly Bean and has evolved to a highly detailed theme for Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop. Its a very dark theme with lots of colored accents.


    There are multiple apk's uploaded for this theme on Play Store. Depending on the Android version you are on will determine what theme you get. If you are on Jelly Bean or KitKat you will get the CM11 version. If you are on Lollipop you will get the CM12/CM13 Version.


    This Theme will work for the following ROM's
    • CM 9, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 11, 12, 13
    • AOKP ICS, JB, KK
    • Paranoid Android
    • BAM
    • Slim
    • Eclipse
    • Baked Bean
    • EOS
    • Liquid
    • Carbon
    • Gummy
    • Droid Kang
    • Purity


    • (CM12 Only) DeskClock background is set in code and determined by time of day. Hope they change that soon.
    • (CM12 Only) Im debating whether to keep the icons on right side of status bar and clock blue. They look good on all apps i have themed but if you use a app like facebook they will not look so good. Also, the notification icons on left of status bar cannot be themed at this point. One more note is that the battery cannot be themed. Its themed when charging but not off charger.


    Below you will see the overall areas I have themed. I have worked very hard to theme everything you see on device. I covered some additional apps but cannot theme them all. I tried to cover all the apps that come on your phone when you first flash a ROM. I will continue to do more work to this theme as time goes on.

    Widgets that are themed
    • Google Now
    • News & Weather
    • Power Control
    • Play Music
    • Gmail
    • Email
    • MMS
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • AppMonger
    • Analog Clock

    Apps that are blacked out
    • Gmail
    • Email
    • MMS
    • Play Music
    • Play Store
    • Play Books
    • Play Movies
    • Play Magazines
    • AppMonger
    • Google Now
    • Google Plus
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Keep
    • Dropbox
    • DocumentsUI
    • Chrome
    • Phone

    Apps that have been themed
    • DeskClock
    • AOSP and Google Keyboard
    • Swype
    • Settings
    • SystemUI
    • RomControl
    • Hangouts
    • Root Explorer
    • Framework
    • Gallery
    • Lock Screen
    • CM File Manager
    • Trebuchet
    • Facebook Notifications
    • Google Now Launcher
    • YouTube
    • Falcon Pro
    • Nova Launcher
    • CM Theme Engine


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