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    Get Jelly Bean ahead of everyone else - OK, just the Theme anyway.

    Jelly Bean Theme puts lots of yummy, mouth-watering jelly beans on top of whatever you're doing. Not a Wallpaper but a Live STICKER - which can, optionally, go on top of all (or any) of your apps and on top of any wallpaper you have.

    Please watch the video for an animated demonstration.

    Jelly Bean Theme also has a Transparency Adjustment feature for fast and convenient adjustment of how much Jelly bean

    Theme can cover your screen, and full animation controls, including Speed and Zoom.

    LIVE STICKERS are a new concept - be the first to show your friends!

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    and tastes - see:


    *Change the look of your phone or tablet instantly
    *Works across all your Apps
    *Access from all Apps thru the Notification Bar or Task Manager
    *Configurator has a Tiny Screen Footprint
    *Auto Start at Phone Boot
    *Fast, Instant Response to Transparency changes
    *Works properly in Small, Medium, and Large resolution displays (small to large phones and tablets)
    *Full Help provided
    *Battery-Saving Hints (in Help)
    *Troubleshooting Hints (in Help)

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