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    feel the bless and jesus calls of mighty lord, right on your android home screen. jesus holy light is a bible wallpapers featuring a the mighty lord in mozaic with a sunray blessing all the people with its joy, witnessing birth of jesus. a perfect christian wallpapers. who seek for blessing while on the go. if we read the biblical understanding of holiness through the lens of our relationship to god, jesus, as the unique revelation of god, becomes pre eminent. too often, our notions of holiness are lifted from the old testament without understanding them in light of god's self-revelation in jesus live wallpaper. those who have responded in faith to the revelation of god in jesus christ have been united with christ. to be a christian means far more than merely to believe in god as if the christian faith were reducible to a system of beliefs. rather, it means to be united with jesus live wallpaper in and through the holy spirit. jesus christ claimed to be the son of god from nazareth; a savior for all people who choose to believe in him. the fact that jesus claimed to be the messiah is not unique in history.

    many people have claimed to be sent by god throughout history. acts 5:36 references a man named theudas who claimed to be: somebody that people followed. others include, mohammed. the life and coming of jesus was predicted hundreds of years before he was born in the book of isaiah. he fulfilled this prophecy and many others written before his birth to the virgin mary. jesus had many unique qualities that the others who claimed to be the messiah could not match; jesus christ overcame death on the cross and was resurrected to be with his father in heaven. further examples of why jesus is lord include, his ability to overcome temptation living a sinless and perfect life along with his abilities to perform documented miracles in the name of praise god. retina wallpapers. jesus led a life that was completely obedient to god something we cannot do regardless how hard we try through our will power or by the level of wisdom we possess. everyone has sinned except christ; he was perfect in love. this is only something god can be.

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