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    In these images are jewelry, gems, gold and diamonds.
    Fall between gems all those species and varieties minerals (in addition to some rocks and some materials of vegetable origin or animal) that, susceptible to cutting or polishing, can be used in articles of jewelery.
    The value of these stones is determined by their purity and intensity of their color as well as by their rarity. Are regarded as gems of ivory, coral and pearls, which are of animal origin rather than mineral, amber and jet beads, which are of plant origin.
    Depending on the optical characteristics and chromatic as well as the hardness of the material, can be realized cuts flat sides (the cuts in the strict sense) or machining cabochon, characterized by having curved surfaces, smooth and convex. The cuts flat sides are mainly used for transparent gems, while usually cabochon cuts for gems.
    There are numerous types of cutting and, particularly to the diamonds, they are still created new ones. Depending on the characteristics of the stone you choose a cut that enhances certain quality, which can be the color or chromatic dispersion.
    Some materials found in the illustrations:
    -Adularia / Moonstone
    -Rock crystal
    Other images include jewelry,Alabaster, Amber, Ivory, Wood Fossil, corals and pearls.
    abstract, diamonds, floating, gemstones, jewels, precious, scenic reflections, luxury, gold ornaments,lavender crystals.

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