Just Snow Free




    Gentle snowfall in your phone. Make snowflakes emit from your touch, have them being magnetically pulled towards your finger or just watch them fall slowly and relaxing. A perfect winter wallpaper for christmas!

    This is a more abstract live wallpaper than many of my nature lwp:s. As always the free version is beatiful and fully functional. And totally ad free.

    The full version includes many customizations:

    - Snowflake count
    - Snowflake density
    - Snowflake trail length (0 = no trails)
    - Snowflake touch emitter count (touch to emit)
    - Snowflake touch emitter intensity
    - Snowflake model:
    - Snowflakes
    - Confetti
    - Stars
    - Magnetic touch (snowflakes are slowly accellerating towards touch point)
    - Background type (sky, random colors or custom colors)
    - Three custom colors for the background, which are slowly fading, changing and moving
    - Exact time setting for sky mode.
    - Real time setting for sky mode (background and sun moves and change color according to time of day)
    - Scroll type:
    - Spinning
    - Panning
    - Scroll speed
    - Scroll delay (scroll "fades" after swipe stopped)

    ...and more settings yet.

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