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    K-9 unread count for DashClock

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    K-9 unread count for DashClock is a simple plugin for Roman Nurik's DashClock that lets you see your K-9 mail unread count.

    PLEASE EMAIL ME A BUG REPORT IF IT DOES NOT UPDATE - I cannot fix issues if you just say it doesn't work - tell me what version of K-9 you have, which Android version you're using, and any other information that might be useful.

    This plugin is most compatible with the 4.3xx versions of K-9 mail, but should work with the released 4.200 version too - it is just less reliable (i.e it won't immediately update the count when you read mails.)

    If you're using the Play Store released version of K9 mail (4.200), the widget will only update when you receive new emails, or tap the entry within the DashClock widget. The latest dev versions provide much better instant refreshes of mails changing from read to unread, so your count should update instantly. The dev builds add a much nicer holo style UI, so is worth using if you're on JB anyway!

    Also note that sometimes DashClock's launcher widget itself gets stuck, and doesn't update until you lock and unlock again - this is not a problem with this plugin!

    K-9 unread count for DashClock requires DashClock Widget by Romain Nurik, found here:
    And K-9 Mail, found here:
    Latest dev builds:
    Older stable release:

    It has no launcher icon, and will not function without both of the above apps installed.

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