KAKAO Theme_Pet woman

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    Glad to see you! Find new katok theme came from
    ~ Here's two kinds of theme that we released to introduce the theme
    Cacao Flick is one of those themes: Pet Kids W's!

    Two little cute protagonist yirapnida
    Two little kids it's always lovely children misbehaved ~

    You have a vivacious personality and easy to get along with our kids'll
    Traps little, but always act cute little smile on the lips
    Sometimes bizarre behavior in the'm also jumpy.

    Glamor kids!
    Do not ever hesitate to leave if you want to see side

    This version of the girls, and soon men also want to introduce you to the kids.

    Cacao Flick theme how to set up
    1 The first cacao Flick 3.0 or later version installed to
    2 Go theme after a search on Google Play Store!
    3 More> Settings> Theme Settings> cacao cacao Flick App running after Tok Theme: PetW
    After installation by selecting the appropriate theme please! 's That simple!

    Cacao Flick theme: I'm all copyright PetW of ㈜ Revolution.
    Unauthorized distribution and replication, there may be adverse legal consequences if I need to be careful

    ※ cacao Flick theme in addition to a variety of themes: PetW so many, I'm begging you.
    ※ If you have any inconveniences or suggestions of using Please send me
    Our precious App Revolution is updated frequently treasured Please doeohni
    Our Revolution is more fun and I'll find you beneficial App. Promise ~