Knock Door Unlock Screen




    Knock the door and the locked phone screen will be unlocked.

    Welcome to use this nice and great screen lock.
    As its name suggests,the key to unlock the screen is to knock the door.

    Actually this screen lock is very simple to use.
    As long as you know the secret to unlock screen,you will unlock the screen smoothly.

    There are two doors on the main screen---left door and right door.
    Which door should you knock?

    You could try to explore the way to unlock the screen.
    Know the right door first,for example.
    There is no response while you are knocking the right door.
    OK.Change to knock the left door.
    Click it and it will make sound and vibration.
    However,the door is still not open.

    Then what is the problem???
    In the daily life,if you visit some friends and we knock at the door,but no one comes to open the door.
    There are two conditions.
    One is that there is nobody at home.
    The other is that they do not hear the knock.

    OK.It is polite to knock the door no more than three time.
    Set the knock time at three.
    Similarly,knock the left door three time and the door will be opened.
    Naturally,the phone screen is unlocked.

    Yes,the key to unlock the screen is to knock the left door for three times.
    Then the door will open and welcome you to use the phone.

    Main Features:

    1.The screen lock is here free to download.

    2.With a time and date indicator.

    3.Play sound and vibration effect while the screen is unlocked.

    4.It allows you to expand the status bar.

    5.Full screen for the locking interface is also available.\

    6.It also provides shortcut key.Long press the Search button to unlock.

    7.Remember to knock the left door for three times if you want to succeed to unlock the phone screen.

    Do you like this knock-the -door screen lock?

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