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    behold the cute koala on your android screen. the koala is a small bear-like, tree-dwelling, herbivorous or herbivores marsupial which averages about 9kg (20lb) in weight. its fur is thick and usually ash grey with a tinge of brown in places. get this koala bear live wallpapers and tree climber now. these marsupial like to eat eucalyptus, and considered small bear, they are herbivorous animals. the koala gets its name from an ancient aboriginal word meaning no drink because it receives over 90% of its hydration from the eucalyptus leaves also known as gum leaves it eats, and only drinks when ill or times when there is not enough moisture in the leaves. such as during droughts etc. they like climbing and so happy, especially kid koala and see koala facts for more info. the koala is the only mammal, other than the greater glider and ringtail possum, which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. habitat refers to the types of bushland that koalas like to live in. they are found in a range of habitats, from coastal islands and tall eucalypt forests to low woodlands inland. australia manage to offer koala tours and el koala, boowa et koala. this app is indeed the koala brothers, cute koala and koala pictures.

    koalas or kaola today are found in queensland , new south wales , victoria and south australia. their range extends from the atherton tableland west of cairns in qld to islands off the coast of victoria and south australia in the south, and west to central and western qld, nsw and victoria. unlike opossum koalas live in societies, just like humans, so they need to be able to come into contact with other koalas. it is because of this they need to have areas of suitable eucalypt forest which are large enough to support a healthy koala population and to allow for expansion by maturing young koalas. koalas are highly territorial and in stable breeding groups, individual members of koala society maintain their own home range areas. the koala is well suited to life in the trees. retina wallpapers. the koala has an excellent sense of balance and its body is lean and muscular and its quite long, strong limbs support its weight when climbing. the arms and legs are nearly equal in length and the koala's climbing strength comes from the thigh muscle joining the shin much lower than in other animals.

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