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    Published: 2012-12-27, by Manu Galvez.

    KosaJun Lock'n Launcher is an original launcher that includes a pattern lock and a fast-access widget

    • Original launcher concept
    • Smooth
    • Highly configurable
    • UI and layout should be enhanced


    Actually, this isn't a full home replacement. I like the term used by its own developer to define it: Sub-launcher. It doesn't mean that it's worse or better than others. What it does mean is that its developer has focused on making it functional in just two features: Pattern Lock and fast-access shortcuts grid.

    Thus, KosaJun Lock'n Launcher can coexist with other launchers. It just adds up new useful features. First off, a highly configurable lockscreen: a classic pattern which size and position can be adjust as if it was a widget. Likewise, a side-bar working on background that you can show just by swiping from right to left. This side-bar is like a widget, or a secondary homescreen made up by a resizable grid of shortcuts that ensures fast access to your favorite apps. The background image when launching the swipable side bar can be customized too.

    The scenery of the launcher can be enhanced: layout, menus, textures and transitions when launching features. However, it's highly configurable and, above all, it introduces a new way to understand launchers. Recommended.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Dec 27, 2012


    Pattern Lock Mini & Sub Launcher
    You can easily start apps/shortcuts any time.
    It can prevent peeping at your pattern.

    Watch the introduction video!

    ** When you uninstall this application, uninstall it from the settings page of this application! **
    ** In trouble cases such as forgotten pattern or screen freeze, remove battery and then reboot the phone. **

    Review on AppsZoom:

    [Functionality : Pattern Lock Mini]
    - Variable size and position
    - Random position
    - Hide pattern
    - Background image(s) customization
    - Ringer mode change

    When you want to use immediate lock on booting, please check the setting and set this application as a default home screen. Do not forget your registered lock pattern.

    [Functionality : Sub Launcher]
    - Quickly start launcher tile by swiping left/right edge of the screen.
    - Variable for icon size, position, item count and pages.
    - Can set applications/shortcut/widget on the launcher tile.
    - Can close the launcher by single tapping outside the launcher area.
    - Can set the launcher tile/applications/shortcut/widget for ignition bar's gestures.
    - Can change length/width/transparency of the ignition bar.

    It might be good idea to use this app in combination with another launcher. Our app can set shortcut, bookmark, widget, ring tone, screen off etc..
    I hope that you will create comfortable environment with your favorite apps:)
    If you want to use only the launcher part, consider to use another application of mine "Sub Launcher".

    To Launcher Users: I am focusing on upgrading "Sub Launcher"(another application of mine) at the moment. Consider to use it, if you need more functions.

    To Lock Users: I am focusing on upgrading "Unity Lock"(another application of mine) at the moment. Consider to use it, if you need more functions.

    [Permissions details]
     - STORAGE:DB Backup for launcher items to SD card. Translation.
     - SERVICES THAT COST YOU MONEY : Phone call from launcher item.
     - PHONE CALLS : Receive phone call during screen lock.
     - SYSTEM TOOLS : Screen lock, to get current application status, and to show UI on upper layer.
     - HARDWARE CONTROLS : Vibration.
     - SYSTEM TOOLS : Background processing, process management, and status bar.
     - NETWORK COMMUNICATION : To get WiFi status, to show Ad, and to purchase items, and Google Analytics.
    - ACCOUNT : To show user's gmail address on the lock screen if perchance the user forget the lock pattern. (In such a case, please ask me the detail via email.)

    This application was personally developed by Junichi Kosaka in Japan as a hobby in my free time. Original purpose of this development was for my wife who was a beginner of a smartphone to effectively use multi-tasking. I got good feedback from her, so I decided to release this application to the public.

    You can buy ad-free option via in-app billing. But please carefully confirm that your device has no problem with this application before you buy this option.

    If you have a problem during your use of this application, please uninstall it via Settings page.

    If you like this application, review or blog post will greatly be welcome!

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