Kotori your flying friend (App of the day edition)




    All artwork is authentically hand-drawn with a graphite pencil on paper by the artist Vibeke Moldberg!

    Who and what is Kotori? Kotori is Japanese for "little bird". Kotori is a creature living on your wallpaper; also when your phone is sleeping. Kotori will sleep, eat, talk and age; it is your job to keep Kotori well-fed and healthy. The scenery itself will also change depending on the time of the day. Kotori will also help you; Kotori will let you know if you have a new text message, email, missed call or notice if your device is low on battery and much more.

    If you love Tamagotchi, the idea behind caring for a virtual pet, you'll love Kotori! Kotori is a relaxing experience!

    Experience highlights:
    - Replicate the original Tamagotchi idea
    - Notify you on text messages, missed calls and others things
    - React to different events on your phone; music playback, battery and more
    - Age like a creature (also when your phone is turned off)
    - Sleep when needed
    - Need regularly feeding
    - Need regularly bathing
    - Talk to you
    - Strength; tap the clouds to engage flight
    - Better strength means better flight height
    - House; construction begins after 1 day
    - Further upgrades to house as Kotori ages
    - Dynamic world; rain, snow, thunderstorms, day-night cycle and flowers
    - Moon phases following the real world
    - Blossoming flowers; dynamically growing flowers that will evolve, age and eventually die. Rain results in faster growth. Spawn is random, so look out for shoots ;)
    - Holiday events; such as easter and christmas
    - Daily visits by the wise owl
    - Other secrets ;)

    You can use the main app, or the widgets, to feed and bath Kotori. You can also use Kotori as a Live Wallpaper.

    Have an idea or a problem? I want to provide the best experience possible! Feel free to send me an email!

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    Live Wallpaper virtual pet simulator

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