Kyoto Evening Blooming Sakura




    Hanami. The beautiful cherry blossoms give to this night wonderful aroma!
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    Wonderful night at late spring, but it is grey, not dark.
    The moon lights up cherry trees in blossoms.
    It’s a little bit windy and the petals falling down from the trees are everywhere floating in the wind.

    The beautiful cherry blossoms give to this night wonderful aroma.

    The air is filled with this sweet-bitter smell of cherry and it makes your mind go round.
    The feeling is similar as to that you have after a glass of cold champagne.
    Not drunk, but not sober.

    Try to feel this aroma now, try to inhale it and fill all your body with it.
    Let the aroma reach your lungs, don’t let it go.

    Can you feel how all your problems and negative energy goes away with these flying petals?
    You are free and clean now.

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