Lake View Willow Landscape




    Beautiful willow and lake landscape view. Willow tree next to the lake water.
    Beautiful lake landscape willow view.
    Lake, wonderful summer day near the lake and sun reflections on the water…

    What emotions it evokes in you?
    Does it give you some conciliation and calmness?
    Solar beams dance upon the water surface of the lake, the water is so bright blue, it sparkles and you half close the eyes.

    But you like, you do enjoy this.
    The wind waves the leaves of the willow.

    They are half yellow already as sun dried them.
    You feel the same wind that touches the leaves touch your skin, plays in your hair, reaches your inside.
    Sunshine is something you do enjoy on your soft skin too.
    Full blending with nature is really wonderful!
    Willow tree next to the water. Lake water wind view willow.

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