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    Large Tennis HD Wallpapers
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    Interesting facts about the great tennis.

    If you do not take into account the games of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who fought off the ball with your hand or a wooden stick , the first mention of the game similar to tennis , we will find in the XII - XIII centuries in Italy . The game was called " dzhidoko " and fought off the ball in her glove is worn on the arm , a wooden shield or a leather strap . In the XIV century French nobility was fond of for so -called " game of the palm " (" Jeu de Paume "), which had a great influence on the development of modern tennis . It played in the halls and on platforms in the open. Over time, the ball began to beat the racket . The game has received recognition and the British , who gave it the name of "real tennis " (real tennis).

    Leather balls , which were played in those days were filled with sawdust, rags , grass , etc. Bouncing they can only solid surface. With the advent of rubber balls made ??possible play on the grass. In England in 1874, thanks to Major William Wingfield emerged the so-called lawn tennis (tennis on the grass ) . Lawn tennis , tennis and today simply , quickly spread throughout Europe and other continents . It is played by millions of people of all ages .

    The number of so -called open tournament is growing every year , and today both professionals and amateurs, with appropriate expertise may participate in any of them . Every year the best players on the results of games are evaluated as part of the "Grand Prix " ( a series of tournaments organized by the International Tennis Federation ) , as well as on the scale of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals ) .

    In the Czech Republic tennis on the grass started to play very early - in the second half of the 70 - ies of the last century (the first tournament was held here in 1885 ) . But while tennis was available only nobles , and later , until the Second World War , they were engaged in the wealthier strata of the population.

    With the passage of time changed the concept of the game of tennis and technique of kicks . The first lawn tennis players played only the back line , giving the ball mostly lower spin or a combination of the lower side with a twist . So play up to the beginning of the First World War. In the 20 years of the game began to lead around the court . Players at the first opportunity to move to the net and tried to finish the rally volley or make people laugh , basically flat . A typical representative of this game was the famous American William Tilden .

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