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    FREE daily League of Legends artwork/wallpaper image blog! Browse, save, share all things LoL! Tons of fan art, HD wallpaper backgrounds, cosplay, screen shots of the game, etc... All your favorite champions are here and all by fellow gamers/artists!

    Are you addicted to the video game LoL? Then you'll be addicted to this app! All your champions are here in the coolest image gallery collection of League of Legends artwork for your phone! You'll see them all... Ezreal, Taric, Lee Sin, Nunu, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Jax, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Pantheon, Ziggs, Ahri, Rumble, and Amumu just to name a few!

    NOTE: This app is an awesome gallery collection of illustration artwork/ real pics for your wallpaper backgrounds! There are NO LoL guides, skins, tips, strategies, stats, or items!

    ***data connection needed to initially download images. This app references online blogs... if those sites are down, then new images won't load. Wait a little bit and try again.***

    ***Tons of images, more added daily/weekly! The very best of custom cartoons, illustrations, graphic design, photoshop art, painting, cosplay, and sketches in all kinds of scenes and settings and with all the champions!
    ***Favorites area for collecting and storing your favorite champion artwork.
    ***Save images to your phone
    ***Set static wallpaper from any image
    ***Send images to your friends, post on facebook, or twitter
    ***Live wallpaper of rotating LoL art (phone must have live wallpaper feature)
    ***Slideshow of the HD artwork for hands free viewing! Set it on your desk while you're working!
    ***Free... free... oh and FREE!
    ***Recommend our app to Facebook/Twitter section for letting your fellow players know about how awesome these HD backgrounds are!

    *Be sure to check out our other daily fan artwork/live HD rotating wallpaper apps for the coolest cartoons, video games, and comic books like Halo, Minecraft, Zelda, and One Piece!*

    Are you new to League of Legends? Here's a description per Wikipedia:
    League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows, inspired by the popular Defense of the Ancients map for Warcraft III. Players are formed into 2 even teams of Champions, 3v3 or 5v5. As of January 11, 2013, there are 109 different champions from which to choose. Each player begins at opposing sides of a map in an area called the Spawning Pool, near what is called a Nexus. A match is won when either team's nexus is destroyed. To destroy a Nexus, each team must work through a series of Turrets placed along a path to each base referred to as a Lane. Along the way, each player gains levels from killing the opposing team's champions and Minions (NPCs that constantly spawn and attack the other team) and defeating neutral monsters. Completing objectives rewards players with gold which is used to purchase items.

    NOTE: Images and graphics used in this app are property of their respective owners. League of Legends © 2010-2012 Riot Games Inc. All rights reserved.
    League of Legends and Riot Games Inc. are registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. This app is in no way affiliated with any of the artwork, the game, Riot Games, Inc, or Microsoft. We are just fans of the game who appreciate the artwork other fans are creating!

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