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    League of Legends – it is a group of more than 90 beautiful high-resolution images for your phone and tablet.

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    League of Legends Top 10 Things Noobs Do:

    There are a lot of amateur mistakes that people do in League that just prove they are inexperienced or noobs. This is a list I made of the top mistakes I see in order to help you see what mistakes are common and how to avoid them.

    1) Miss last hits
    Missing last hits just proves that you are not a great player. Great players rarely miss last hits and usually have about 10 cs per minute. This might seem like a lot and that is because it is.
    2) Back Too Often
    Some players port to base way more often than they need to. Backing is important and it allows you to heal and buy items but backing too often can make you lose experience and gold and put you behind in lane.
    3) Die
    Dying to a gank is terrible but dying one verse one is extremely noob. Dying doesn't only put you behind buy giving the enemy team gold, but it makes you lose out on gold and experience and maybe even a tower.
    4) Rage
    Raging is very bad and most people who play League of Legends are guilty of it. Sometimes teams and bad players can make someone lose their cool and rage at their team but this is bad and is most common by bad players. Good players take responsibility for their deaths and miss plays and never point out the mistakes of their team. They don't do this because it serves no purpose.
    5) Can't Support
    Supporting is a vital role to League of Legends and the people who don't see it this way are generally those who don't know how to play it properly.
    6) Can't Jungle
    Jungling is very important and most lower leveled players don't even know what jungling is or how to do it. There is more to jungling than just running around clearing camps. You must gank and put pressure on lanes to be a good jungler.
    7) Don't Ward
    Warding is clutch to any League of Legends role. Because there is always fear of ganks from the enemy jungler, it is important to always have your lane warded and only go aggressive when you know where the enemies are on the map. Some people think warding is only for the support. This is a myth always ward.
    8) Get Caught
    When the game is late and everyone is grouped this is a signal to be careful when farming lanes. Getting caught and dying can give the enemy team an advantage to either take baron or push towers.
    9) Group Mid After They Lose Tower
    When they lose their tower they are afraid to go back to the lane and farm. This is bad and only causes for you and your mid to lose out on experience and gold. They key is to push smart and keep wards up and group when your lane is pushed.
    10) Only Play One Champion
    A lot of players are only good with one or a few champions and this can really limit you when playing.

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