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    League of Legends Free Wallpapers gets you ready to pick your team and App Waffles brings you some stunning images to make you device battle it's way to become a Champion.

    With a strong affliction for the game in this pack you can pick from Khazix, Leblanc, Lissndra, Lucian, Lulu, Lux, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Nidalee, and Nunu. All these characters look fantastic on your Android.

    This is app pack 2 of 4 so make sure to get them all and have all the characters to swipe through in a single place.

    League of Legends HD Free Wallpaper 2 App Includes:
    - 10 free wallpaper images
    - Automatic resize for any device (Too Cool!)
    - Share on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more
    - Easy to use and set your wallpaper

    Make sure to download the League of Legends Free HD Wallpapers now and see how life gets a whole lot sweeter with App Waffles and your Android device.

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