Leaves Falling Free Live WP




    A free live wallpaper of falling autumn maple leaves. Celebrate the changing of the season!

    Made in Unity 4 using the Leaves Particle System from Unluck Software, and the Uni2LWP Asset by Mirage.

    ***** Update *****

    Thank you all for your kind reviews! I'd like to take a quick moment to explain why this app, and my other live wallpapers, have not been updated recently and will probably not be in the near future. I used Unity and an add-on called Uni2LWP to make these live wallpapers. After version 4.0.1 (it is now at version 4.6), Unity dropped support for Android live wallpapers from its libraries. Live wallpapers therefore cannot be made with versions of Unity newer than 4.0.1. This old version is not fully compatible with new versions of Android, resulting in crashes on Android version 4.4 (which is probably the reason for many of the one star ratings). The lack of support for live wallpapers in the newest versions of Unity also greatly reduces the options for monetization available to developers, since the Google Play plug-in (now required for ads and in-app purchases) is no longer compatible with the old version of Unity needed to update the live wallpapers. Official requests have been made for Unity to re-instate support for live wallpapers in new versions, but it appears to be low on their priority list and no plans have been announced. I will update this app if and when Unity reinstates support for live wallpapers in the future, but at the moment I am very limited in terms of what I can do. My apologies to you and others for the inconvenience; I hope you understand. If you are a Unity developer reading this, please add your vote to the official request to resinstate support for Unity live wallpapers at:


    After you download, tap and hold on your current background to open the Live Wallpapers menu and select the Leaves Falling Free LWP. Alternatively, wallpaper settings can be accessed through the Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Home and Lock Screen menu.

    Do not tap the Set Wallpaper button until the Unity symbol has disappeared and the gradient is shown on screen. If you do, the wallpaper will not set correctly and you will have to try again. If wallpaper only shows a flickering Unity symbol, please try re-installing the application.

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