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    behold awesome pattern leopard print on your android screen. leopards show a great diversity in coat color and rosettes patterns. get this gold leopard wallpaper and art prints now. in general, the coat color varies from pale yellow to deep gold or tawny, and is patterned with black rosettes. the head, lower limbs and belly are spotted with solid black. coat color and patterning are broadly associated with habitat type. this is free animal print wallpapers and free prints app. animal print is a clothing and fashion style in which the garment is made to resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of an animal such as a leopard. leopards are agile and stealthy predators. cheetah, zebra, tiger, spotted hyena, striped hyena, african wild dog, giraffe or monkey. example leopard slots print is also used for handbags and footwear and even some jewelry. leopard print wallpaper, exoctic animal print, predator. free girly wallpapers. a major difference between animal prints and fur clothing is that animal prints today very often use fake fur instead of animal coat. leopard prints have long been a popular style for many reasons.

    for one, they are generally expensive and considered rather exotic; hence they are a symbol of wealth and status. throughout history, kings and other high people have used leopard print rugs and such as a sign of status just as mounted animals are kept as trophies. animal print became popular for women in the united states in the late 1960s during the bohemian movement. particles. this fur stripes and cool pattern will make your fashion style rise. download this print photo and animal skins. besides a distinctive natural animal pattern on clothing, animal prints may also refer to art prints of animals, printed on canvas or paper. retina wallpapers. the art prints may replicate the same skin or fur pattern found on the animal, but a flat photographic representation printed on artistic media, such as for as wall decorations. the prints are not limited to just the animal's skin or fur pattern, but may be any part of the animal and still called an animal print.

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