Live Wallpaper HD: Cats

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    Live Wallpaper HD: Cats

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    Free stunning wallpapers with cats and kittens!
    Turn into life your desktop with a screensaver with cats and kittens.
    Our application - live wallpaper will give you a lot of fun, elevated mood and the ocean of positive emotions!
    All colors and paints have been carefully selected by our designers, so the dynamic wallpaper will always please your eyes!
    Decorate the screen of your mobile device with pictures with cats and kittens.

    To install live wallpaper of high quality on the desktop, you need to go to Menu-Personalization-Display-Wallpaper.

    Our dynamic wallpaper has been tested on devices such as: HTC ONE X, HTC Rhyme and Samsung Galaxy S3.
    If the application is not supported on your device for some reason, please contact us.

    Enjoy live wallpaper with cats and kittens, turn your mobile device into an incredible faery and magic that our app will give you!
    Fill the screen of your device with beauty and harmony.

    There is Airpush advertising built in this application. Some antivirus programs can detect this application as a danger for your device, but it is just a banal advertising and nothing more.
    There are no viruses.

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    and much, much more!

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